Type-approval and the law

Why type approval is so important . . .

Vehicle type-approval is the quality control measure which is used to ensure aftermarket automotive component parts meet the same performance and quality standards as the original equipment fitted to motor vehicles when they are manufactured. There is a test and certification process for all those parts carried out in each country, in the UK it is the Vehicle Standards Agency (VCA) that controls and polices this policy.

Each product that qualifies must have a type-approval certificate available as proof that it meets these standards. Klarius works closely with the VCA to type-approve its products and is the only UK manufacturer to type-approve all its exhaust systems.

The law states that it is illegal to sell non-type approved CATs for vehicles registered after the 1st March 2001. All diesel particulate filters (DPFs) from Euro 5 must be type approved and most Euro 4. An important point to note is when replacing parts on crash damaged vehicles, the fitting of non-type approved exhausts will invalidate any remaining manufacturer’s warranty.


Klarius has always manufactured Exhausts, CATs and DPFs that have exceeded the emissions standards required by type-approval rules.

Every Klarius Exhaust, CAT and DPF required to meet type-approval is clearly marked with the type-approval serial number specific to that model.