All Klarius emission control products, which includes exhausts, CATs and DPFs come with a 2-year guarantee, extended to 3 years when fitted by a Klarius accredited garage.

Costs vary massively between vehicles, smaller vehicles with petrol engines are the cheapest to replace, the exhaust system, minus the CAT will typically cost less than £100. Larger vehicles with larger engines and more complicated exhaust systems can cost considerable more.

When it comes to CATs (Catalytic Converters) and DPFs (Diesel Particulate Filters) then these are typically more expensive. Again, they do vary for engine size (some cars have two of each) and some are combined units, and / or integrated into the exhaust manifold casting that is attached directly to the engine block. These can cost from a couple of hundred pounds to several hundred; depending on the size, make and design.

Most garages will be able to source parts for your car same day or next day, depending on how rare your vehicle is. Klarius has over 95% of the demand for replacement exhausts in stock in its warehouse in the UK, so any Accredited Garage will have access to that stock via its main supplier/distributor.

Fitting an exhaust, CAT or DPF usually means the bolts holding the system to the car have to be removed, which will usually take a bit of time and skill, so not always a 5 minute job as you would imagine, but, in most cases, not something that should take more than a couple of hours.

According to the law, no, you cannot legally remove a DPF from a car that was designed to use one. If you are doing lots of very short journeys in a diesel car, it is advisable to make one longer journey per month to allow the DPF to go through a re-generation cycle. When you come to change your car, consider a petrol powered one for city / town short run use. It won’t have a DPF and so it won’t be a problem.

In a word, yes, it means your car is probably using more fuel, creating more environmentally damaging emissions and will most likely fail an MOT test. Time to get it replaced. Consider using our Accredited Garage Finder (link) to locate your nearest garage to fit a competitively priced, type-approved quality Klarius exhaust.

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Our central warehouse stock covers over 98% of the European aftermarket and is available same day dispatch around the globe.