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Is your exhaust rattling, is there a lot of smoke coming from your exhaust, has the dash warning light come on? Simply put your current location or post code into the finder below and we’ll show you where the closest accredited garage is to deal with your car.

Klarius Accredited Centre

Using a Klarius Accredited Centre means you will receive a quality type approved replacement part, made in the UK…

All accredited garages have met a strict set of requirements, so you can expect the following:

Our checklist

  • A clean and efficient garage in general
  • A waiting area with drinks and clean toilets
  • Emissions systems trained mechanics
  • A positive and enthusiastic welcome
  • Clear explanations, fair pricing and quality parts


We have arranged for exclusive emissions training on Exhaust systems, DPFs, CATs and Eolys™ systems, all of which are accredited by the IMI.


Please look out for accredited garage signage and diagnostic posters, inside and out. You need to know you are in the right place to bring your vehicle when you have an issue with the emissions system.


The garage you are using is part of a quality improvement scheme promoted nationally via the motoring media, local news outlets, direct email, social media and website news.