The Klarius Accreditation Scheme

The Klarius Accredited Garage Scheme was started to ensure UK vehicle owners could make sure they receive a quality replacement exhaust system, including CAT and DPF components from a trustworthy local garage – anywhere in the country

You can use the diagnosis page to get an idea about what might be wrong and what it might cost to fix, based on some common symptoms, causes and solutions.

You can then put in your postcode and the Google map will list your nearest participating garge, you can then give them a ring and navigate quickly and easily to the garage of your choice.

We vet the garages on our scheme very carefully, we provide independently accredited training for the garage technicians and we make sure the garage has great access to quality type-approved Klarius products, designed, tested and manufactured in the UK to top EU standards.

It is still possible to be sold poor quality exhaust parts in the UK – ones that will reduce the fuel efficiency of your car, increase pollution and even damage your engine over the long term. There is little or no cost difference between them and a top quality Klarius product by the time the final bill arrives.

We believe the UK motorist has the right to receive a top quality exhaust repair, at the right price, provided by a quality independent garage that can provide a high level of customer service – guaranteed.

There is no obligation on your part to use a garage from our scheme once you have contacted them, but at least you know you have a good quality reliable option.

Find out more about the benefits of joining the Exhausts-Direct Accreditation Scheme by visiting our garage testimonials page here.

Find your nearest garage

You can search by post code, or browse by Category to find the nearest Klarius Accredited Garage to you.

  • Number of customers served same day85%

  • Percentage of customer problems diagnosed and fixed100%

  • Average customer satisfaction rating91%

  • Percentage of the UK cars covered by Klarius products97%


Accredited garages have a great deal of experience in dealing with exhaust, CAT and DPF problems and should be able to solve virtually any issue you have with your emissions system. It is worth noting that problems with your exhaust, CAT or DPF are quite often a symptom of another issue that has a knock-on effect. It is always worth considering why the issue arose in order to prevent failures in the future.