Dash warning light

There is an emissions warning light flashing on my dashboard – is it my exhaust system causing a problem?

• Don’t ignore the dash light – it will cost you more in the long run

• Sensors are a likely issue

• Can cause the car to go into ‘Limp Home Mode’

The emissions warning light being illuminated on the dashboard usually means a sensor on your exhaust system is failing, it can also mean there is an engine issue and this is causing an emissions warning. Usually it is OK to drive your car home, or to a garage – if it will still drive. Most modern cars have a ‘limp home’ mode which gives you reduced power, or it will stop the engine if the issue is more serious.

Don’t ignore the dash light, it will almost certainly end in a far more expensive repair or a safety issue if you do.

Most modern exhausts (2006 onwards is a good rule of thumb) have two sensors on them measuring the condition of the exhaust gas. If those sensors start to produce an unusual signal due to an issue with the engine or the sensor, then they will illuminate on the dash.

If the sensor is the issue, then a replacement can quickly be supplied and fitted. If there is another issue, the sensor is detecting the results of that issue, so that will need to be investigated and remedied by a trained technician.

If you see a dash light come on soon after having a new CAT or DPF fitted, take your vehicle back to the garage immediately and ask what has been fitted - you can always insist on a Klarius component to be on the safe side. There are poor quality items out there and they will cause the light to illuminate soon after being fitted. Don’t stand for this.